At this time, snowflakes were floating outside and the wind was very strong. Li Siyu looked out of the window and didn\’t see Lin Cheng coming back. This person should not come back at night. Thinking so, Li Siyu went out and told Li Chengcai not to lock the door. What if someone couldn\’t open the door when they came back? After telling, she went back to bed at ease. The next morning, Li Siyu was still a little angry when he didn\’t see Lin Cheng coming back. The man didn\’t say where he went and didn\’t come back at night. It\’s really inconvenient. As soon as Lin Cheng disappeared, he waited for Li Siyu to report the case for several days. That day, Lin Cheng finally appeared. He didn\’t change his clothes for several days. He looked very sloppy. Seeing that someone came back, Li Siyu grabbed his little meat and didn\’t give up, provoking Lincheng to beg for mercy. \”I\’m wrong, daughter-in-law. Let me go. It hurts.\” he was pinched and showed his teeth, looking particularly painful. Li Siyu opened his hand and pushed him. \”I can pretend that I didn\’t exert any force at all.\” Lin Cheng smiled and leaned over. Of course he knew that Li Siyu didn\’t exert any force. \”How can my daughter-in-law be willing to work hard\” \”get away.\” Li Siyu pushed him, \”go change clothes\” really, I haven\’t changed clothes for several days, and I still make do with her. Knowing that she loved cleanliness, Lin Cheng smiled and changed her clothes. When he changed his clothes and came out, Li Siyu asked, \”where have you been these days? Just leave without saying a word.\” Lin Cheng sat next to her and said, \”there\’s something to do at my eldest brother\’s house. It\’s over.\” Li Siyu nodded when he saw that he was serious, \”OK, I believe you.\” after eating at home, they went out directly. Li Siyu wants to go to the department store to buy something for his nephew for a month. It\’s too expensive for them to form a habit, so it\’s better to buy small things. She hasn\’t figured out what to buy, so she\’s going to have a look first.


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