Tang Hong listened and nodded. The fat water doesn\’t flow into the fields of outsiders. How did he lead the object over? \”OK, you\’ve explained everything. What else can I say? Don\’t worry, I\’ll cooperate with him.\” Lin Cheng saw that he was very sharp, so he looked at Li Siyu. Unexpectedly, his daughter-in-law had a hand and could play with a factory director. The three talked for a while, and Li Siyu took Lin Cheng back. The work was finished, and there was only private business left. Li Siyu went back to Liu Chengxue and told Peng lingman about the book, and both of them agreed \”I have the notes I made before. I\’ll take them for you.\” Peng lingman thought of not only the book but also the notes. Liu Chengxue nodded, \”I have them, too. Take them for you.\” \”thank you. Let\’s have dinner at my house tomorrow evening.\” Li Siyu thought, I don\’t know how many months it will be. It\’s good to get together. The two nodded and agreed, and they also wanted to give Li Siyu a farewell party. After all, their colleagues had a party. When Li Siyu went to work in the afternoon, he didn\’t see Xu Weinan coming to work. Is this a broken jar? However, it has nothing to do with her. The more she is like this, the less people value her. When Li Siyu came home in the evening, Li Siyu Guo sat in the yard and was packing up with the old lady. \”What\’s the hurry to pack up?\” Li Siyu looked at a lot of luggage and couldn\’t help but help her forehead. It was too anxious. She couldn\’t leave for a few days. The old lady was happy since she knew Li Siyu was going to college. She smiled every day. \”If you don\’t go back early, you have to pack up for a few days if you want to go to school.\” The old lady said with a smile. She can\’t delay her daughter\’s going to college. It\’s a business. It\’s better to go back early. The old girl in the province always cares about her. Li Siguo also smiled. At home, he heard that Li Siyu was going to college. He was so excited that he didn\’t sleep for half a night, or he didn\’t sleep until Zhang Yuemei said he was going to college. He hurried over the next day to see if his little sister was going to college , such a good thing. \”Big brother.\” Li Siyu nodded at him. \”Hey.\” Li Siguo is not good at words, but just looked at her with a smile.


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