\”Well, thank you.\” Secretary Zhao didn\’t understand. She was afraid she would refuse, so she had to accept it. Chapter 158 Secretary Qiu\’s mind sends Secretary Zhao away. Li Siyu returns to the dormitory with the basket on his back. At this time, the basket is empty and everything is collected into the space. In the evening, Li Siyu didn\’t go to the canteen for dinner because there was no delicious food in the canteen today. She went into the space and had a barbecue beer, not to mention how beautiful it was. However, the result of beauty was that he was almost late for work the next day. Li Siyu washed his face, combed his hair and ran to work. Secretary Niu looked at Li Siyu in a hurry and looked confused. \”Secretary Li, what\’s the matter with you?\” \”overslept.\” she smiled and sat in the chair. \”How does it smell like wine?\” Secretary Niu sniffed his nose and asked. no She didn\’t change her clothes, but Secretary Qiu frowned. \”I changed my clothes. I drank last night. How can I still smell?\” Li Siyu breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he wasn\’t talking about himself. \”Secretary Li, have you finished the manuscript I gave you?\” Secretary Niu turned to her. \”It\’s done.\” I finished it yesterday morning. Otherwise, how could Li Siyu get drunk with beer? She handed the speech to Secretary Niu and returned to her seat. Secretary Niu read it carefully, nodded and had to admit that the new Xiao Li wrote really well. Secretary Qiu was surprised to see that Secretary Niu actually assigned work to Li Siyu. However, Secretary Qiu didn\’t say anything. Since the work was handed over to Secretary Niu, it was up to him to decide what to do. Secretary Qiu began to rub his temples again. The work entrusted to him by Vice Mayor Cao has not been completed. It\’s really killing him. Li Siyu looked at Secretary Niu and gave her the job, and immediately accepted it happily.


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