Zhang Xuewen didn\’t mean to ridicule or belittle her. \”It\’s normal. Didn\’t you pay a lot of money? It\’s reasonable that you can divide the house into 120 square meters, but I told Xueqin that it\’s 60 square meters for you, and you don\’t blame me.\” anyway, Li Siyu is the one who is optimistic about her promotion. How can he watch her make mistakes, so he can stop it, He can stop it. Li Siyu is still very grateful. After coming here, she has been cautious from the beginning to fearless now. Li Siyu suddenly felt that he didn\’t have the caution at the beginning, and now he has become thick lines. Fortunately, Zhang Xuewen has been mentioning her, which makes her very grateful. \”Deputy director Zhang, you helped me in this matter, and I will remember it.\” Zhien Tubao is a good comrade, and Li Siyu is still very reasonable. Zhang Xuewen nodded. He would know that gratitude is a good thing. \”OK, I\’ll go back first.\” after that, he said goodbye to Li Siyu and left with his bag. Li Siyu was taught a lesson today. He felt that he should be more cautious in the future. Back home, the old lady looked at her with a smile, \”it\’s all right?\” it seems that Li Chengcai has told the old lady, otherwise she wouldn\’t ask her so. Li Siyu nodded. \”Well, it\’s all done. She can decorate the house next week.\” when she came home from work just now, she heard that some workers had planned to decorate tomorrow. Decoration is to wipe white ash, or paste a newspaper or something, nothing else. Some have a large population. It is estimated that they have to cut off themselves and divide more huts. Li Siyu didn\’t go to see what the pattern was. At that time, maybe they will separate out two rooms. \”My old girl is capable. She came out of the whole house in less than half a year.\” the old lady looked at her happily and was very pleased. For so many years, Li Siyu has become more and more promising from willfulness to filial piety and ability. None of her children is as capable as Li Siyu.


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