Over there, Liao Xingwen was still looking at the scene in front of him. Fang Yang broke through the level of half immortal state, which was still a blow to him. Fang Yang was keenly aware of Sima Xiangshan\’s doubts and eyes. He couldn\’t help laughing. A sly color appeared between his eyes and said with a smile: \”Thanks to brother Liao, if you hadn\’t specially found so many immortal fruits for me, I wouldn\’t be able to recover my strength before Sima Xiangshan caught up with me. Don\’t worry. I promised you that I would be able to finish it. It will not only help you get rid of the shackles of long yuan, but also leave the Long Yuan Dynasty to you after I finish long yuan. Anyway, I have no time here.\” He said with sincere and sincere gratitude. Fang Yang didn\’t completely lie. Anyway, it really helped him recover his cultivation from Liao Xingwen. Liao Xingwen was surprised when he heard Fang Yang\’s words, and his face changed greatly. \”No, I\’m not, I\” He hurriedly opened his mouth and looked at Sima Xiangshan in the air to explain. But what he saw was Sima Xiangshan\’s ferocious expression. \”Damn it!! it\’s you. I said why you suddenly disappeared. I dare to come here to make preparations, damn it!!\” Sima Xiangshan was furious. Fang Yang was already a fish on the chopping board and could kill at will. Even if he came to this place and could use his cultivation at will, Fang Yang, who had just passed the thunder robbery, was weak and couldn\’t fully use one tenth of his strength. It was more conducive to his own play here. But it was the damn Liao Xingwen. If not If he found Xianguo\’s help, it was absolutely impossible for Fang Yang to recover his strength. Along the way, Sima Xiangshan had accumulated a lot of resentment towards Liao Xingwen. He had some consideration before, but now he couldn\’t care about anything. He broke out in one breath. He didn\’t want to listen to Liao Xingwen\’s explanation. After hearing Fang Yang\’s words, His right hand suddenly patted Liao Xingwen\’s standing position. In Sima Xiangshan\’s palm, a violent dark air burst out suddenly. The air was high and suppressed, and the roar directly covered Liao Xingwen. Poor Liao Xingwen, he is now a mortal. Facing Sima Xiangshan\’s furious attack, he can\’t play any defensive force at all. Liao Xingwen felt that he was only He felt that there was a huge mountain on his head, which was suppressed, so that he didn\’t have the strength to fight back, so he hit him. A scream sounded. The hard ground collapsed ten feet deep in an instant. When he was angry, Liao Xingwen\’s body was revealed, leaving only a group of rotten flesh and blood body that had been pressed. Liao Xingwen, dead! This Longyuan dynasty Tu Long Jun, the most knowledgeable person in the whole dynasty, never thought he would end up in such a miserable end. Poor him, he has a pair of ambition and mind, but when he dies, he has no room to play


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