\”It\’s really a limit.\” if he had not been able to support the expansion of the gate of life and death before, once he was survived by the black tower, Fang Yang must have no combat power at that time, and the black tower is the body of evil spirits. Even if he has only 10% strength, it\’s enough to kill them. Moreover, after their flesh and blood nourishment, their strength will increase greatly. I don\’t know what level they will reach. Fortunately, there was no such thing as \”Fang Yang!\” as the black tower was swallowed up by the gate of life and death, it was completely destroyed. After exiting the fire fan far away, several people rushed over again, and heimu led a group of people from the black soul tribe. They trotted all the way to Fang Yang. When they looked at Fang Yang again, they all looked worship and gratitude. \”You succeeded. You really killed heita. Heita is the head of evil spirits. Killing him will enable us to truly eliminate the suffering of evil spirits!\” heimu burst into tears and shed tears of gratitude. The black soul people behind him all looked respectful. The strength of Fang Yang actually fell into their eyes. They knew the strength of Fang Yang and were their saviors! \”Fang Yang, are you all right?\” the fire fan and others were excited, mixed with concern. Fang Yang waved his hand and said wearily, \”it\’s no big deal, but the loss is a little serious. Let me have a good breath adjustment and cultivation.\” \”please go between our secret rooms, in which there is a soul cultivation array, which can quickly restore the power of the lost spirit.\” heimu said again and again. Fang Yang didn\’t hesitate, nodded and followed heimu towards the secret room. Sitting in it, Fang Yang strengthened his spirit and began to regulate his breath to recover himself. Before settling down, he opened his mouth and reminded heimu, \”find the place where your black soul tribe was originally located.\” although heimu wondered why Fang Yang wanted to find this, he naturally had no resistance to his words and nodded. Then Fang Yang fell into seclusion. In the first World War, Fang Yang\’s overdraft was indeed very serious. It was not only the loss of Xuanqi and the malaise of flesh and blood, but also the most complete power of God and soul, which was overdrawn a lot under the action of previous ghosts. Therefore, just after sitting this time and running the Xuanqi, Fang Yang felt that 18000 pores in his body opened immediately, and the Xuanqi between heaven and earth poured into Fang Yang\’s body. The dark Qi converged like a river, running unsteadily, flowing in Fang Yang\’s body again and again. The two vortices of yin and Yang dark Qi in the inner government also played a full role. Under such a situation, the lost dark Qi quickly made up for it. Because Fang Yang\’s overdraft is too serious, this time to make up for it is also a good way to nourish his flesh and blood, help Fang Yang strengthen his physique and weaken fatigue. With the continuous flow of Xuanqi, Fang Yang himself also has a great improvement. Apart from anything else, the enhancement of flesh and blood alone is not what he can have at ordinary times. At this time, Fang Yang can also pay close attention to his physical condition at this time.


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