Fang Yang, even though he is at the level of the unity of heaven and man and has strong strength, he must be entangled and can\’t get away – Hong Nanxing had such an idea at first. But when he really saw the scene, he found himself wrong. Fang Yang, who could only see, was walking fast in the channel like a leisurely court. Where he passed, the Dharma arrays on both sides of the channel were constantly triggered. All kinds of fire, strong wind and double awns of swords and swords kept flowing, but such a dense array attack was the first three steps of Fang Yang\’s body that could not be approached at all. As soon as these mysterious Qi burst out, they were twisted and rotten by the sword Qi around Fang Yang. Moreover, when Fang Yang was walking, the sword Qi was released, and the Dharma array set up by wutianmeng was consumed. It was like a piece of paper. Hong Nan star thought as like as two peas in his eyes, he could rub it in a bit. When he looked again, he could see that it was the same scene. Their Dharma array is really useless!! Hong Nanxing\’s heart was stormy. What is this boy? He had already highly estimated Fang Yang\’s strength, but now it seems that he is even stronger than his own estimation. Flustered, seeing that Fang Yang had entered the main hall, his face changed and rushed up. \”It\’s over.\” Hong Nanxing\’s heart is also cold. Fang Yang was in a state of rage, and his sword Qi was flying. Naturally, the Dharma array had little effect on him. He walked all the way, burning the fire step after step, and came to the end. At the end is a huge copper door, thick and dignified. It should be made of some extremely hard material. It looks extraordinary. The spirit of Fang Yang swept it and frowned. He obviously felt the extremely majestic dragon power flowing behind the copper door. Dragon power is the symbol of the Longyuan Dynasty. Although the three forces can snatch the dragon brand Dragon Crystal and have the blessing of dragon power, they should not be so strong? What the hell is behind this? In doubt, the mysterious Qi in Fang Yang\’s palm moved and clapped out. Taiyuanshen fire palm! Boom! Pure Yang Xuan changed into palm strength. It was just fierce and overbearing. One palm hit the and copper door. Even such a thick copper door was difficult to withstand, and burst and broke in an instant. Seeing this scene, Hong Nanxing, who came quickly, knew that he could not resist it and turned pale at once.


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