Although he didn\’t suffer any trauma on the surface, in fact, he just recovered his body by making up for his evil Qi. The thunder punishment just now was the full blow of the heavenly king, and it was nothing for the loss of evil Qi. But even so, the emperor\’s fighting power was still surging. He saw the emperor coldly, and a ferocity appeared on his face: \”have you run out of means? Now, you\’ll die here! As long as you die, there will be no enemy in this great nether passage!\” he suddenly waved his hand. The black gas behind him blew out, and Tianjun wanted to resist, but the thunder gas loss in his body was too large. In the face of such a blow, he couldn\’t dodge. Even the thunder gas had not condensed, so he was blown out heavily. Evil Qi hit his body. As soon as Tianjun\’s throat was sweet, a big mouthful of blood gushed out. His whole body was affected by evil Qi, which constantly damaged his flesh and blood meridians and destroyed his accomplishments. \”Die for me!\” Emperor Ming saw the emperor\’s appearance at this time, but he didn\’t take him to heart at all. He smiled coldly and moved his hands. Under his control, the dark clouds and evil Qi suddenly turned into ignoring the edge, and ran through the emperor from above to below. Once the evil spirit penetrates the body, I\’m afraid the state of the heavenly king at this time is really a dead word. The emperor of the underworld was excited. His stab not only killed the emperor of heaven, but also represented turning the nether passage into his own thing. Tianjun died, the sword emperor was badly hurt, and the martial arts forces were even damaged. As long as he was still there, absorbing the evil Qi of heaven and earth and restoring himself, it was too simple! At that time, he can gather Yin soldiers with the help of his evil Qi and establish a noble Dynasty. It\’s not only the nether passage, but all things outside will become his things! \”Death!\” thinking of this, the blueprint for a better future is displayed in front of us, and the Emperor Ming\’s hand is also ruthless. Tianjun has given up resistance, and he really has no resistance. Hum! When the black light ran through, at the place where the emperor fell, a sharp streamer suddenly emerged. For a moment, the light was bright, which seemed to cut the space. A touch of silver light immediately met the evil spirit pierced by the sharp. Black and white intersect, making a clear sound, and the mysterious gas surges and scatters. The emperor of the underworld was surprised that his evil spirit was blocked? Tianjun\’s body fell to the ground, and a bloody position filled his mouth, but then he was stunned. He\’s not dead?


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