Although the strength of evil hunger is not strong and the means of attack is single, he also exists in the Eight Generals by devouring all things and strong recovery ability. It can be seen that none of the demons who can become the Eight Generals is a simple generation. At least they all have special means. Even Jiang Fen\’s warriors at this level have never been able to hurt their hunger, let alone others. \”It\’s very difficult to attack with external force. The defense is so strong and hungry. In that case,\” Fang Yang turned his mind and suddenly showed a resolute look on his face. Master, I\’ll avenge myself! When Fang Yang thought of this, the shadow of the nine palace sword in his hand divided into a hot sword burned by fire. He threw it heavily on the rocks behind and directly disappeared into the rocks. He looked at Jiang Fen who was shocked and angry over there and said, \”brother Jiang Fen, please help me guard the sword blade.\” Jiang Fen was stunned. Guard the blade? What is this? He was about to ask. At this time, seeing Fang Yang\’s body move, he rushed directly in front of the hungry. \”Fang Yang, what are you doing! Be careful!\” Jiang Fen quickly reminded. But in the next scene, he scared the dead. Fang Yang rushed to the face of the evil hunger. The evil hunger seemed to notice his breath and swallowed it up towards Fang Yang. This time, Fang Yang didn\’t dodge and didn\’t even have the mind to resist. He rushed directly into the mouth of the evil hunger. Such a scene looked as if Fang Yang had sent him to swallow it by himself. There was an uproar all around, and everyone turned pale. Jiang Fen also trembled. It was too late to save Fang Yang. He could only watch Fang Yang run into his hungry body with his own eyes. Can\’t you think of being eaten like this? No, it\’s impossible. Jiang Fen\’s mind was confused. He suddenly thought of something and his eyes brightened: \”want to break his weakness directly with his body?\” together with this idea, Jiang Fen can be sure. According to Fang Yang\’s temperament, he can\’t act rashly. Since he has done this behavior, it must be reasonable for him. When you think of his previous sword Qi, which was 100% powerful, and had not left any trauma on the hungry, you can know Fang Yang\’s plan. \”It\’s too impulsive. The situation in the hungry body is unknown. What if it is swallowed up in an instant?\” Jiang Fen was secretly anxious. But he was also unable to help Fang Yang. He could only listen to Fang Yang\’s words, hold the blade and stop the killing of evil hunger.


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