Fang Yang swept away coldly. There are enough people in the level of Tianyang environment among hundreds of people, but these levels are nothing to Fang Yang. \”If you come, don\’t go back.\” he held the Jiugong sword tightly, and the thick sword intention crossed over to the blade. Then his wrist shook and the sword Qi erupted. Dragon snake! The dragon and snake roared and the sword Qi roared. It turned into a virtual image of the dragon and snake and crashed out. Wherever the sword Qi passed, no one who was touched spit blood and his bones were broken. A single sword will hurt hundreds of people. The tiger and pig Ju Luo was furious. He slapped the tiger and pig\’s body with his hands. He roared more than: \”kill him, kill him, kill him.\” the tiger and pig under him was photographed impatiently. His eyes were red. There was a long roar like a pig and a tiger. His body changed and shrunk rapidly. In a moment, he became an ordinary mount, And the figure of Ju Luo still sits on him, and the meat mountain stands tall. However, these changes have also led to the merger of one person and one pig Xuanqi, which has almost been integrated together. With Luo only staring at Fang Yang, the tiger and pig under him seemed to be ordered. As soon as he took a step, he rushed towards Fang Yang quickly. Just close, Ju Luo raised his fat arms and pushed Fang Yang hard. His movements were a little raw and stiff. With this push, there was no surge of mysterious Qi. However, Fang Yang felt that the strong wind in front of him was like a wall of air crashing straight into Fang Yang, which would hit Fang Yang and fly out. Fang Yang was surprised, and his bones trembled when he hit him with great force. \”What\’s this attack?\” there was no mysterious Qi, but it was a powerful Qi shock, which Fang Yang had never seen before. The Ju Luo in front of him is a guy with one tendon. Since he believes that Fang Yang is the murderer, he is angry and roaring. He slaps and pushes out one after another. The air wall is facing him. It is clear that he can\’t see or touch anything, but when he bumps into Fang Yang, he forces him to retreat again and again. Whenever he pushed his hand, Fang Yang had already run the protective Gang to resist, but he had not felt anything close. The impact force reappeared, and even could directly disperse the protective Gang on his body surface and hurt his flesh and blood. \”It\’s so weird.\” Fang Yang frowned, the spirit moved, and the heavenly eyes and divine light formula came out. At this time, the heavenly eyes on his head condensed. With the help of such divine soul eyesight, he also locked himself in Jura and observed.


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