Since Wulongtan is the place where the dragon people live, there are naturally some good things. I saw that around the pool, there were many different plants growing faintly. These plants were dark roots, branches and leaves, and even the flowers were black. It is full of toxins, and it is also a rare highly toxic thing. \”Are there five kinds of dragons living in this pool?\” Li jackal said coldly. Zhou Tong\’s face turned pale. When he heard the speech, he quickly replied: \”yes, because the five dragon pond is too dangerous, not many people came to explore it. They only know that there are five kinds of dragons, but no one can find out what kind of dragons they are.\” \”hum, whatever he does, I\’ll cut off the dragon head today and show it to the head later!\” Li jackal smiled proudly and said angrily, \”Now, go and lead out the five dragons for me first!\” He glanced around and looked at the group of people in Shijing group. Since they wanted to be lures, it was obviously up to them. Seeing Li jackal\’s eyes, Shi Jing and others were all pale and frightened for fear of being picked by him. Luring would bear the first wave of attack of the dragon. Who could survive if they were alone Come down? Li jackal looked at the people\’s faces and sneered. When she was about to appoint someone, Yu hongdie said, \”I\’ll come!\” she looked determined. Even if she wanted to meet such a near death thing, she didn\’t flinch. However, her kindness obviously didn\’t change to the goodwill understanding of Qian Wenfei. \”Hum, at this time, do you want to exchange your hypocrisy for our forgiveness? Nonsense!\” Qian Wenfei sneered. Luo Tao also kept a calm face: \”we\’re all here. What\’s the use of you even if you die?\” Shi Jing was silent, obviously blaming Yu hongdie. \”You? You can\’t. It\’s still useful for me to keep you.\” Li jackal grinned and looked naked and excited. \”Let me come.\” at this time, Fang Yang, who was silent on one side, suddenly opened his mouth. He looked lazy and didn\’t seem to know how dangerous his words were: \”how do you say, I\’m also a man, and I can\’t watch women do such things.\” \”what do you mean? Say we\’re women?\” Qian Wenfei was furious. Fang Yang glanced at him and said, \”it doesn\’t look like carrying a handle anyway.\” \”you!\” \”Fang Yang, don\’t be impulsive.\” Yu hongdie looked worried. Fang Yang didn\’t have cultivation and couldn\’t use his Xuanqi. It\’s not death to do this kind of thing? Even the martial artists in chuyang can\’t resist the poison of dragon seeds in the five dragon pond, let alone Fang Yang.


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