Xin Guihua stood in front of them and attacked them secretly. It was not them. It was \”bastard! Which guy is looking for death!!\” Xing Yuting got up from the dust and looked angrily. The previous martial artist in the early Yang area of the Wuji mountain sect shouted at Xing Yuting angrily, \”I\’m going to climb up on your stepping stone and die!\” He shouted angrily, his whole body moved, and rushed to Xing Yuting again. \”It\’s you? You\’re crazy!\” Xing Yuting was stunned when he saw this person, and then he was even more angry, \”do you know who I am? Dare to fight me, don\’t you want to stay in Wuji mountain sect?\” Several disciples of Wuji mountain sect over there were also stunned. When did Wang Hai have this boldness? Was it because he just scolded him? The disciple of Wuji mountain sect named Wang Hai ignored Xing Yuting\’s questions and rushed up one after another. His mysterious Qi burst out all over him. Every attack was full of strength, strong and powerful. Roaring. He attacked several times and left, Xing Yu After the initial confusion, Xing Yuting also woke up. His face was as gloomy as water. He was the eldest disciple of Wuji mountain sect. At this time, he was treated like this by his subordinates. Didn\’t it make others think he was incompetent? Immediately, Xing Yuting roared, \”it seems that you have lost your head. Now I\’ll wake you up!\” As soon as the limitless God of war armor was on his body, he did not dodge the attack on Wang Hai, and greeted him. Xing Yuting was full of mysterious Qi and attacked fiercely. He didn\’t leave his hand. He directly hit Wang Hai. After Xing Yuting took serious action, the strength gap between the two was also reflected. Wang Hai was even more embarrassed under Xing Yuting\’s hand. After a few moves, he was healthy The limitless God of war armor of the watch has been smashed and spit blood again and again, and the confused look between his eyes has slowly faded away. Fang Yang took this opportunity to take out a pill of the pill and directly fell in front of sun Manzi over there. Sun Manzi frowned. It was in some doubt that he suddenly took the pill, looked at it, and his eyes immediately lit up. He knew the pill and it was in Fang Yang\’s hands. Fang Here comes Yang! After seeing the pill, sun Manzi was overjoyed. As long as Fang Yang came, he would not be threatened by Xing Yuting. With Fang Yang, he naturally had a way to let them leave safely! As for himself, he could fight with Xing Yuting without scruples. He clenched his fist, quietly took the pill, ran through the heat, and quickly recovered his wounds. Although he was not in the crowd He saw where Fang Yang was, but now that he knew that Fang Yang was here, sun Manzi\’s heart was hot and his confidence increased greatly. \”It\’s time to finish.\” Sun Manzi whispered. There, Wang Hai could not resist after more than ten moves with Xing Yuting. With Xing Yuting slapping him on the chest, Wang Hai spit blood, soared, flew upside down, hit the wall heavily, and fainted directly. Xing Yuting snorted coldly, took back his eyes, swept through the crowd, and finally swept onto sun Manzi. \”Now, you can kill yourself,\” he ordered sun Manzi.


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