\”Bloody mouth!\” Feng Xiaojiu also said angrily, \”you, you really have no conscience!\” \”Conscience? Hehe, if ordinary people saved us, we would be very grateful and unforgettable. But the reputation of Fang Yang\’s son in the Longyuan Dynasty is obvious to all. We won\’t be deceived by him! It happens that he is now deeply hurt. We take him and take him back to the sect. The elders will naturally give him a good explanation!\” Several people said that when the dark Qi flows on their body, they have to start. \”Who dares!\” Feng Wuji stood horizontally and the dark Qi runs on his body. \”If anyone dares to fight, he can\’t get through with me! Don\’t blame me for being ruthless!\” Feng Wuji, have you reversed? Dare to fight against the people in the same door? \” Someone said angrily, but forced by Feng Wuji\’s cultivation, he shouted fiercely and timidly, but he didn\’t dare to approach. Feng Wuji sneered: \”even if it\’s a shot, I\’m not on the same road with you ungrateful villains.\” \”Hello, well, it seems that you are really bewitched by Fang Yang! Only take you down together and torture you! Senior brother Wang Wu, Feng Wuji is a martial artist in the early Yang realm. You can only rely on you.\” The man said and looked at Wang Wu. Fang Yang\’s eyes also looked at Wang Wu. They entered the Liulian mountains together and saved so many disciples. Previously, Wang Wu followed his lead. Wang Wu hesitated, looked at Fang Yang, thought for a while, and whispered: \”Fang Yang, why don\’t you go back with us first? I\’ll report all your actions to the law enforcement elder. He will certainly think of your credit. Not only will there be no punishment, but there may be rewards!\” he stretched his eyebrows and tried to persuade him. When Fang Yang opened his mouth, the dim color on his face flashed away, and then shook his head: \”If you want to do it, you can come now.\” What is not to be punished, but to be rewarded? This kind of thing is absolutely impossible. Fang Yang knows his own things. Regardless of how valuable the reward is, Chunyang Zhenzong can never accept him just because of his hatred with many sects in Tiance mansion. Accepting him is equivalent to making a grudge with many sects. For Fang Yang, they can make such a decision? Obviously Impossible. Wang Wu gritted his teeth: \”then I will offend! Later, I will make amends with you!\” Wang Wu\’s pure Yang Xuanqi moved, so he had to think about Fang Yang\’s coming. Feng Wuji\’s face was slightly heavy. Although he also had the cultivation of the early Yang realm, after all, his breakthrough was not long, and he still had a lot to fight with Wang Wu. What\’s more, there were so many disciples in Fang Yang\’s situation at this time. If you want him to fight, don\’t say it\’s the early Yang realm, even the martial arts of the ordinary empty and dark realm


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