With a sharp chirp, a huge gray black figure suddenly appeared. Fang Yang jumped on the gray feather bird and his mind moved. The gray feather bird flew out with a wave of its wings. Everyone could only see the gray shadow flash by. Until the gray figure ran a long distance, the people here finally reacted. Among the crowd, a martial artist in the empty and dark world had been killed The black tooth on his arm suddenly stood up, looked at the gray figure, and said angrily, \”it\’s Fang Yang\’s boy?!\” bastard! It\’s really him, it\’s his sword intention! He didn\’t die in the golden gate? \”Li Bei also had a murderous intention. They thought Fang Yang had died in the golden gate, but they didn\’t expect the boy to appear again. Tai Wuji frowned: \”Does this guy belong to a cat? Does he have nine lives?\” \”I don\’t care how many lives he has, he will die if he offends me!!\” black teeth roared, \”kill him, kill him for me! You all want me to chase him!!\” he roared at the martial arts around him. The martial arts around him were confused. When they heard the roar of black teeth and Fang Yang\’s name, their eyes lit up immediately. \”Fang Yang? Is he the boy who offered a reward?\” \”what are you waiting for? Kill him! Tianmai pill is mine.\” When they were stunned, they made a loud noise and chased Fang Yang\’s passage. All the people were attracted by Fang Yang. Chapter 273 the jade plaque was opened and Fang Yang was galloping between the mausoleums. Fortunately, the passages between the mausoleums were extremely wide, otherwise the large body of the grey feather finch was really difficult to play. There were bursts of shouts and murders in the back When Fang Yang\’s sword star came out, it attracted all these people. Seeing that the goal was achieved, Fang Yang\’s body shape kept going. Although the grey feather finch is a flying monster and has inherent advantages, it has limited physical strength and can\’t fly for long. It\’s the wisest to take advantage of this period of time to open more distances. After seven turns and eight turns in the channel, Fang Yang\’s body shape returned again I began to see shuiqianrou in the hall. At this time, it was already empty. I don\’t know what happened to the people of Shuiyue mountain. Anyway, I haven\’t seen them in the hall. \”Maybe I left. It\’s good. On the contrary, Shuiyue mountain was the least damaged.\” Fang Yang murmured. It\’s really hard to show any bad feelings for the woman with clear eyebrows and white eyes.


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