No matter who these people are aiming at, Fang Yang knows from their breath that they are definitely not good at coming!! Chapter 223 declaration of Tu mountain on the mountain road of grey sparrow mountain, a group of people trudged up. There are more than 50 people in the line, all of whom are martial arts masters above the empty and dark realm. The leader is dressed in yellow and ugly. Especially a pair of die teeth are convex. It feels funny anyway. However, if you mention this person\’s identity, no one will look down on him in the bone tooth mountains. Huang Ning, one of the three leaders of the black tooth regiment, is nicknamed Jin Feng! The three leaders of the black tooth group, Xu Lao, Yu Qiufeng and Huang Ning, all have the strength of the later stage of the empty and dark realm. Although they belong to the black tooth group, they have different positions. Xu Lao mainly acted in Wusha city and took control of Wusha city instead of Heiya. Yu Qiufeng is relatively free. She has a group of martial artists who follow her, hunting monsters and collecting materials. The rest of Huang Ning is directly under black teeth! In the Guya mountains, Huang Ning basically represents black teeth. What he did and said was prompted by black teeth. Therefore, even the people of the three mountain forces dare not despise Huang Ning. Today, Huang Ning personally took 50 martial artists from the empty and dark realm to the ash sparrow mountain. Before reaching the top of the mountain, there are already two figures waiting here. \”Lord Huang, you\’re here at last!\” Zhuang BIE greeted him from a distance with a flattering face. Zhuang Yisha also squeezed out a smile. When they came to Huang Ning, they bent down and worshipped, showing extremely flattering respect. Huang Ning glanced at them and said coldly, \”that Wumeng really refused to obey the orders of our black tooth group?\” \”yes, I have advised him several times, but he still didn\’t listen. He not only didn\’t participate in the action, but also belittled the black tooth group in his words. I really can\’t see it.\” Zhuang Yisha shook his head. Zhuang BIE nodded in agreement: \”he also said this in public. He deliberately didn\’t save face for the black tooth group.\” Huang Ning looked cold: \”hum, it\’s just a mountain force. It\’s so arrogant! If I didn\’t bother to ask about this little thing on weekdays, but this activity is important. Since the gray sparrow mountain doesn\’t agree, it\’s just used to stand up!\” He glanced at Zhuang Yisha\’s father and son: \”you two are pretty good. You can come to our black tooth group later.\” they looked happy. Zhuang BIE bowed and hurriedly said, \”we\’ll lead the way for you. Now we\’ll go up the mountain. It happens that Wumeng is closing the pass now. At this time, with Lord Huang\’s thunder means, it\’s possible that he can persuade the rest of the warlords of the grey sparrow mountain.\” Huang Ning said faintly.


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