\”Let them want to swallow it alone. They deserve it. Kill them with a sword!\” This group of martial artists was threatened by Wu Ying before, and they were holding back their anger. Now when they saw Wu Ying eating, they immediately shouted. What Fang Yang did was exactly what they wanted to do, but they didn\’t have the strength. Wu Ying looked blue, but he couldn\’t attack. At this time, there was a dense sound of footsteps in the distance, and there was a faint cry \”Wu Ying, what happened?\” Hearing the words, Wu Ying looked up with joy. He saw more than 40 people coming towards this side quickly. The clothes on these more than 40 people were all made in the Hunyuan mansion. Fang Yang also recognized the person who had shouted before. He was Wang Hu, who had conflicts with him. The rest were the leaders of the other two guards, and the party was furious Wu Ying leaned over, and the group of martial artists gathered in front of him began to laugh. Seeing these people coming, he immediately stopped talking. The four guards in Hunyuan mansion are still very famous, and they don\’t want to die here for no reason. \”This is the core of the cave! Great, I finally found it here.\” Wang Hu\’s eyes swept over the mountains behind him and he was very happy. However, he immediately saw Wu Ying\’s embarrassed appearance, and then saw several Yingwei people lying in a pool of blood over there, with a gloomy expression. \”Wu Ying, what happened? Didn\’t you see here? Who did you do? These martial arts?\” As he spoke, his ferocious eyes, like a tiger, swept over the back group of martial artists. All the martial artists who came into contact with his eyes changed their faces slightly and lowered their heads in panic. Wu Ying staggered and stood straight, shook his head and said, \”it\’s not them. I\’ve already guarded here with the eagle guard. Unexpectedly, a man and a woman suddenly rushed out and broke my defense and rushed in.\” \”Two people?\” Wang Hu looked unhappy. \”Are you kidding? You can\’t stop them with Wu Ying\’s strength?\” Wu Ying looked bitter: \”to be exact, it\’s a person, because there is only one man fighting from beginning to end.\” \”one person beat you like this?\” Wang Hu was surprised and uncertain, \”What\’s that man\’s identity? Can you see which sect\’s master he is? Is it the empty and dark realm in Tiance mansion?\” \”certainly not! I know all the people in Tiance mansion. The boy\’s strength is only in the later stage of concentration realm, but he has extremely strong cultivation of sword skills.\” Wu Ying turned pale at the thought of Fang Yang\’s sword power. \”Strong strength of sword skills? Are they from the two sword sects?\” Wang Hu thought for a while, then shook his head and said, \”Whoever dares to hurt the guards in our Hunyuan house is looking for death! Anyway, he can\’t run away when he enters it. We\’ll rush in now, catch up with the boy and crush him!\” Wu Ying also nodded ferociously. Although the boy was powerful, they must return the shame of hurting themselves once they met so many guards of the Hunyuan mansion! Wu Ying immediately said, \”this stone tablet is strange. There is a sword array on it. I\’m afraid it\’s difficult to deal with it.\” \”sword array? How powerful can it be?\” Wang Hu disdained to turn his mouth, then raised his body and rushed over. As soon as he got close to the stone tablet, the sword Qi immediately boiled and rolled, and stabbed one after another. Wang Hu\’s face changed, and several mysterious Qi burst out in his hand. After being able to resist, he came back.


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