For Teng shuize, it was really because of Wu fan that he went to the Shangyang palace to find Fang Yang. Teng shuize wanted to kill Wu fan, so he must kill him. But when he saw Fang Yang\’s powerful prescription in the Shangyang palace, Teng shuize suddenly felt that Wu fan was not important. It was the most important thing to force the prescription from Fang Yang\’s mouth. Teng shuize Once I asked a very clever doctor to investigate Fang Yang\’s liquid medicine. The doctor replied that because the refiner was not strong enough, although the medicine effect was powerful, the medicine effect was insufficient. From this point, it can be proved that Fang Yang\’s pill formula must be very powerful! Although Teng shuize is not a doctor, you should know that there are many powerful doctors in the world, and a good pill formula is very important for us They are also very attractive. Often a powerful pill formula can get a very generous reward from doctors. It is Teng shuize\’s most concern to know that doctors are rich and oily! Compared with this matter, Wu fan\’s words are to kill Wu fan at any time. Anyway, in Teng shuize\’s eyes, Wu fan is just a little girl Role. Looking at Teng shuize, Fang Yang was silent at this time, just thinking quietly in his heart. Teng shuize didn\’t speak. For a moment, there was a silence in the prison. As time passed, about half an hour later, Teng shuize finally broke the silence. During this half hour, neither of them spoke, but there was only the sound of each other\’s breathing. \”How\’s it going?\” Teng shuize asked faintly. Hearing the speech, Fang Yang sighed: \”Lord Teng, since you want this thing, you should be able to guess the value of this thing?\” \”Yes, the value of this thing is very precious, so I still wonder how your boy can have such a valuable formula. Don\’t tell me that your boy created it himself. In that case, your boy may have entered the holy Pavilion of life and death. Why stay in Shangyang palace.\” Teng shuize said with a light smile. Shengsheng Pavilion of life and death! The only power in the Longyuan dynasty that does not belong to the Dynasty and the sect at all. The core number of Shengsheng Pavilion of life and death is not large, but everyone is a top doctor. The mode of Shengsheng Pavilion of life and death is similar to that of the sect. It also recruits disciples widely on weekdays. All the disciples who can enter Shengsheng Pavilion of life and death have been outstanding since childhood and show excellent performance in medical ethics Fu\’s young talents, and the disciples from the Shengsheng Pavilion of life and death either enter the pilgrimage to become a first-class imperial doctor, or walk in the world of monks and become an idle doctor, which is respected. Although the mode of Shengsheng Pavilion of life and death is similar to that of zongmen, compared with zongmen, Shengsheng Pavilion of life and death is completely free from the control of Longyuan Dynasty. For so many years, both Longyuan Dynasty and zongmen trend No one dares to provoke the Shengsheng Pavilion of life and death or idle friars. Because the Shengsheng Pavilion of life and death basically belongs to the Longyuan Dynasty and has the best medical skills in the world. Who dares to guarantee that he is not ill or suffering? He can\’t ask to go to the Shengsheng Pavilion any day. Even the Longyuan Dynasty doesn\’t dare to control it too much. Among the Longyuan Dynasty, the Royal Court of Longyuan can be ruled by Lingjia There are only two kinds of people, either the top friars who can move mountains and rivers by one person, or the people of the holy Pavilion of life and death! Fang Yang also has a little understanding of the holy Pavilion of life and death, but it is not comprehensive. He only knows that it is the top medical power in the Longyuan Dynasty. At this time, when Teng shuize talked about it, Fang Yang flashed a palpitation in his heart, but was soon suppressed by Fang Yang , looking at Teng shuize, Fang Yang hesitated a little: \”since Lord Teng has made his words clear, I don\’t bargain. Lord Teng wants the formula, but the conditions you just said don\’t work.\” \”ha ha, you\’re very interesting. You\’re in this situation now, and you dare to negotiate with me?\” Teng shuize smiled. Hearing the speech, Fang Yang also smiled: \”Lord Teng, in fact, this thing completely depends on how attractive my formula is to you, isn\’t it? If it\’s attractive enough, people who want to come to Lord Teng, who is informal, won\’t talk nonsense with me.\”


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