Hundreds of thousands of monks in the whole Longyin mountains held their breath and looked up at this strange celestial phenomenon. \”Hahaha\” \”Ha ha ha ha ha\” \”Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha\” Bursts of unrestrained laughter flew out of the top of Longyin mountain and stabbed into the sky. The heavy pressure seemed to be pierced into a hole. All monks were relaxed. A towering momentum, wantonly straight into the sky Muchen, it\’s Muchen. The elegant figure is standing on a huge stone on the top of Longyin mountain, disdaining the sky and the dark clouds churning like a boiling pot and tripod. Muchen became more and more wild. He stood like a javelin and couldn\’t help sneering at the sky. \”Zizi\” a terrible sound came from the sky. Countless snow-white lightning were intertwined and condensed, like ferocious fangs. Many monks at the foot of Longyin mountain looked at all this in horror. Who of them had seen such a battle? Since ancient times, how can there be such a robbery? Other friars tried to reduce lightning and hide their breath as much as possible. How can they brazenly challenge the prohibition of heaven and earth and despise heaven and earth? However, all the monks of Longyin alliance were worried that the dark clouds in the sky were getting thicker and thicker. However, they could not form a complete whole, because the strong breath of Mu morning always divided and scattered them. Finally, the dark cloud was angry, the world made a loud noise, the snow-white lightning poured down, and the whole Longyin mountain seemed to be shaking. \”Boom\” \”Boom\” \”Boom\” All the electric arrows and the focus of all the energy point to a point. In the morning on the boulder at the top of the mountain, a colorful light mask rises like an umbrella to catch all the lightning. The purple arc is jumping up and down, and the huge roar is continuous. Countless light spots fall on the colorful light mask, like dense drums, and the world is noisy. The earth shaking fight lasted for half an hour. The thunder and lightning gradually disappeared, the dark clouds gathered again, and the light shield was still standing.


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