Hahaha – Jane Xi and Yu Shanshan burst out laughing together. All the ladies\’ demeanor and fairy\’s temperament disappeared in a smile. With tears in her eyes, Jane Xi looked at the five people whose faces had turned purple in front of her, and their faces with all kinds of shapes and expressions. That smile! It can\’t stop. Jane lay on the windowsill. The laughter could not be suppressed. Yu Shanshan smiled and lay on the table and covered her stomach. Jane Nan finally couldn\’t hold back. He laughed loudly. Among the three, he said calmly. On the third floor, because of the unbridled laughter of the two women, the others could no longer control it. They secretly looked at the five people staring, \”you and you\” couldn\’t speak. The diners on the third floor couldn\’t help but leak out \”eating\” laughter, and later there was uncontrollable but still some suppressed laughter. Five people can\’t bear it anymore. The false mother, the orchid finger is no longer an ordinary instruction. But with a sharp spirit like a knife, he shot at Jane Xi. The reason why she chose Jianxi across Jiannan may be that she is the first person who dares to laugh. Of course, if he can attack two people at the same time, he won\’t care about Yu Shanshan. However, before Jane Xi could move, Jane Nan had taken it down for her. She not only took it down, but also shook back the finger wind, and shot at the false mother without any discount. The false mother was unprepared. Although she hid to one side in a hurry, the football flashed behind the empty space. The volume of the football was too large. Naturally, it was not as fast as the false mother. When the strong wind on the first floor shot at him, she just gave way to the side slightly. Then there was a scream, and her shoulder had been pierced by the finger wind. They are grabbing seats. The fake mother\’s hand is too sudden. Jane pity that they are the enemy and are still prepared, but the five heroes are not prepared at all. In addition, the distance is too close, so there is no accidental shooting of football. This is the result that Jane Nan didn\’t fight back. She just shook back the direction of the false mother. How hard the false mother used, and how strong the reaction was. She could penetrate the shoulder of the football. It can only be said that the false mother used her full strength or 80% strength. In addition, the football was not protected, and even the minimum spiritual shield didn\’t open. In this regard, Jane Xi and others also shook their heads and sighed. They were so vigilant that if they went out of Philadelphia, they would be ten dead and lifeless. I\’m afraid he was hundreds of years old and had not experienced any big storms! However, it doesn\’t matter to them. Looking at the reactions of other diners, we can already understand that these five people should be a tyrant in Philadelphia. According to the saying on the earth, they are not the second generation of officials, or the second and third generations of cultivation. Only with the power of elders or families can they be domineering here. Otherwise, although their cultivation is good in Philadelphia, their real strength should be reduced by at least two orders or more. The reason why the people in the city didn\’t annoy them should also be related to the forces behind them. When they saw the hands here, all the people on the third floor stopped laughing, the voice stopped suddenly, and the silence was restored again. Although these people are dandies, they are just Jane Nan\’s understatement, which also shows them that this man must be very not simple, and his force value must be much higher than them. Although they have no difference in power in Philadelphia for a time, they also know that there are many outsiders in Philadelphia, and their accomplishments are frighteningly high. In front of them, they look young, Who knows if it\’s a thousand year old monster. Anyway, based on their cultivation, they can\’t see the bone age of the three people, but it\’s not difficult for them to guess. The elders of the family have told them to keep a low profile these days more than once these days, because there are too many outsiders in the city, so they don\’t get into trouble, but aren\’t they getting into trouble now? The thin man in gray pulled the puppet\’s sleeve and said, \”don\’t fight, forget how the family told us. Be careful that we offend the wrong people again. Let\’s go back and find someone to investigate the background of these three people, and then talk about it.\”. Obviously, the man in grey is their leader. The man in Grey\’s statement has been recognized by the false mother. Although he is very angry and creepy, the anger in his heart still makes him want to fight again, but the man in Grey\’s words calmed him down. So he shook his hand and made no more noise. \”Sorry, there may have been a misunderstanding just now. We\’re still in business. Three people in grey quickly stopped the football that was already on the edge of anger. A pill blocked his mouth to scold, and then he was pulled down by the man in grey. Jian Xi and others didn\’t want to fight here. After all, they came to inquire about news and eat. They didn\’t specifically find someone to fight, so they didn\’t catch up or investigate. After several calls, he woke up the stunned waiter, ordered six special dishes of the restaurant, and asked where there were special snacks from the waiter. The waiter dared to underestimate the three of them. He knew everything about their problems and said everything. Then he went downstairs in a panic to order dishes. A few people sat there and chatted, waiting for the food and wine to come up. Jian Xi also saw from the window that the five heroes went downstairs and left quickly in two directions. It is estimated that they should have gone to find their parents. She thought badly that the children in the kindergarten were bullied. Don\’t they all want to sue their parents and teachers?


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