Upon hearing Yan Tao\’s words, Hua linger immediately blushed and looked a little coy. She replied coyly, \”Oh, brother Tao, I almost forgot these steamed stuffed buns. Let\’s go to see the cave now.\”. When she arrived, she added a \”earth steamed stuffed bun\” and gave Jane Xi a provocative look. At this time, even Shen Hongyan couldn\’t hold her breath. She just wanted to open her mouth to say something, but Jane Xi dragged her words back. Li Yan\’s face was so blue that he was really angry. The veins on his forehead had burst. However, he heard brilliance say a few words \”sorry, two elders, two Taoist friends and sister-in-law are really not sensible. Please bear more and leave now.\” he was really speechless to this sister. If he hadn\’t reported his family name first, I\’m afraid, I\’ve been missed by others. Although it\’s said that several people are protected by family experts in the dark, how worthless it must be if there is a chance! Looking at the four people leaving after receiving the Dongfu jade talisman sent by the little boy, and looking at the back of Jian Xi\’s long horse tail, brilliance recalled the scene in which Jian Xi gently dragged Shen Hongyan. The girl was not very old at first sight. Unlike the broken arm woman next to her, she looked less than 30 on the surface, but she felt more than that, The girl was only in her twenties, but she had such accomplishments and forbearance. Her clothes were so strange. He had never seen a woman wear such thin, close fitting pants and could clearly see her straight and slender leg lines. Although she was wearing that loose coat, But it\’s still easy to see her perfect chest shape \”Brother, what are you still thinking about? Pick the cave! We have to have a good rest when we come back from Yanwu mountains!\” Hua ling\’er looked at her brother from the sand table and was still staring at the door. She couldn\’t help being annoyed. Did her brother have a crush on that little bitch? Chapter 351 first sales of Dan \”Oh, well, here we are.\” brilliance woke up and regained her former grace on her face. She came to her sister and Yan Tao. Yan Tao looked at brilliance\’s performance just now, and her eyes were deep. Then she looked at Hua ling\’er next to her. A trace of disgust flashed through her eyes, and she recovered her previous gentleness and doting. No one saw such a change. \”Come on, boy, choose the best cave for us -\” Hua ling\’er said to the boy. Like the young man who received Jian Xi and others before, the young man began to explain, and added a sentence later, \”the best cave is here, with a total of four, 80 pieces of spirit stones per month, but the last one has been rented by the previous team, so now the best cave is here, 50 pieces of spirit stones per month.\” \”What? They rented it? No, I want the 81 month old one. Brother, I want the best cave, brother Tao -\” Hua linger\’s unreasonable can be displayed anytime, anywhere. \”Sorry, sir, we have no right to take back the rented cave until its temporary owner has not returned it or the spirit stone has been exhausted. We have no right to take it back before it expires,\” the young man explained. \”Pa\” a slap on the face, the thin little boy\’s cheeks suddenly became red and swollen, and tears were about to come out. \”Linger, what are you doing? If you don\’t have 80, you live in 50. Why beat him? There are rules in one line. Go to one side.\” brilliance has a headache for this sister to the limit and is a troublemaker. \”Here, as a compensation for you, my sister is not sensible.\” brilliance took out a piece of inferior spirit stone and put it in front of the boy, and then said, \”we rent this cave for a month. Here are 50 inferior spirit stones for you.\”. Brilliance moves very fast. If he is not happy, he doesn\’t know what the sister can do next. \”Brother, brother Tao – I want you to go and get those steamed stuffed buns back. I want to live in the best cave.\” Hua linger sprinkled Jiao. \”Ling\’er. In fact, we won\’t live long. It\’s almost the same everywhere. I think this place is also very good. Let\’s go. After renting the cave quickly, let\’s find a place to have a good meal. Although the valley is opened, we still want to eat some special delicacies in this place!\” Yan Tao is very good at diverting ling\’er\’s attention, Just one word made Hua linger escape from the fury of renting the cave, and Hua linger almost obeyed Yan Tao. This made brilliance, who handed over the spirit stone to one side, shake his head secretly. It\’s really a thing falling to one thing. No one in the whole family can cure her and she is spoiled to heaven. But only listen to his good friend, but although he is good to her, he has no feelings for men and women, which he knows well. The boy with a red and swollen face quickly put away the fifty spirit stones handed over by brilliance and loaded them on a tray. Then he picked up the tip earned by the beating and quickly withdrew from the door. After a while, he took back the Dongfu jade amulet and handed it to brilliance. Then he withdrew a long way after saying \”elder, walk slowly\”. Yan Tao looked at the boy like a frightened bird and couldn\’t help feeling a little funny. As soon as I turned around, I just saw brilliance\’s eyes on him. They both smiled bitterly. At the same time, they shook their heads and followed Hua linger out of the door.


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