Hey, hey – it\’s about — Xin Wei sold it with a bad smile. \”Fat man, can you hurry up and suffocate who!\” Ruo man was a little angry with me. \”Xinwei, don\’t pretend there. Tell me about who?\” Yuanyuan couldn\’t get in her mouth. At this time, she was a little anxious and asked. \”Ouch! Don\’t pinch! I said, I can\’t! Murder my husband!\” after Xinwei screamed, he whispered bitterly, afraid to be heard by the adults who talked. \”It\’s about ah! Hey — don\’t — don\’t pinch it. It\’s about Feng Quanhai. This time, Feng Quanhai suddenly wants to change his examination to Beijing University, which surprised their head teachers. You know, although his grades are good on weekdays, he\’s still poor in the examination to Beijing University. It\’s very dangerous, but it\’s said that in the last semester, he\’s learning like playing his life. His good grades have improved by leaps and bounds, Then, he suddenly broke the news that he wanted to bid farewell to the school he had always dreamed of and change his goal to Beijing University. All this was for a girl. However, they had different opinions about who the girl was. However, one of the legendary girls was our Miss Xi\’er – \”Xin Wei was so frightened that he quickly poured beans out of a bamboo tube when he felt his little hand falling on his waist again. This time, however, the topic was extended from Feng Quanhai to Jian Xi, which surprised the other four people, including Jian Xi. \”Me? I said fat man, how can it involve me?\” Jane said with a smile. \”You are not only involved, but your suspicion is still the biggest. You know, Feng Quanhai is one of the recognized school grass in No. 1 middle school. Of course, I and Xin Yu are also on the school grass list. I won\’t mention this. I\’m a very modest person.\” Xin Wei didn\’t forget to mention himself when talking about Feng Quanhai. He looked shameless, but under Ruo man\’s eyes, Get serious immediately. \”As for the school grass, Feng Quanhai is not only tall and handsome, but also good at sports and learning, which is recognized by the girls in the whole school. Therefore, some of his words are sometimes remembered by interested people. When communicating with his classmates before, he said more than once that his goal is s city and F University. When he studied frantically this semester, everyone didn\’t think it strange, but before the college entrance examination, he was surprised They suddenly changed their goal and wanted to go to Beijing University, which made them all in an uproar. The students of class 2 asked him why he wanted to change to Beijing University, but he didn\’t say anything. However, many people speculated that he must have made such a big change for a girl, and who is the girl? Which girl has the hope of going to Beijing University? Finally, the scope of this speculation is getting smaller and smaller, and finally Just a few of the top 20 beautiful girls in our school, who are promising to be admitted to Beijing University, include our Jane Xi. Of course, there are also our family Ruo men, but later they heard that the famous flowers have a master, so they were excluded. There are also Shao Jiawen in our class and Liu Tongtong in class 2. Of course, Jane Xi is undoubtedly the most suspected, because we are one The gang had already revealed that they were going to test Beijing University, so Jian Xi was at the top of the list of suspects, \”said Xin Wei, analyzing. Chapter 246 so father When several people heard Xin Wei\’s gossip about their own people there, some people were unhappy. \”Cut – what is a suspect? Why is your metaphor so ugly?\” Yuanyuan was dissatisfied. Jane Xi\’s face is a little strange. She doesn\’t feel Feng Quanhai\’s attention to herself, but he does it very implicitly and never expresses anything. Of course, Jane Xi doesn\’t feel much about him. She has a good relationship with her classmates and friends, and she has always planned to get along like this. However, even if she doesn\’t want to, she still becomes the object of everyone\’s attention, Thinking of this, he couldn\’t help laughing bitterly and said: \”it\’s all a wild guess. Feng Quanhai\’s examination of Jingda is his own choice. What does it have to do with others? Whatever others think. Anyway, we are about to enter the University and enter a completely strange and new environment, no matter what they think, right?\”. \”It\’s not as big as a school. We have to face many strangers when we go. It\’s always good to have one more acquaintance, isn\’t it?\” Ruo man agreed. Xinyu didn\’t speak, but a teasing smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Looking at Jane Xi, only Jane Xi could read what he meant, that is, \’Mom, what\’s the matter? Someone is thinking about you, too? \” Jian Xi\’s face was slightly red. She glared at Xin Yu without deterrence. She hurriedly opened the topic and talked to them about something else. Soon, everyone had forgotten the previous topic and devoted themselves to the discussion of the new topic. On the third night after the college entrance examination results came out, in a VIP room of sihaixian in J City, a table of delicious food and good wine such as Wuliangye were gently poured into each guest\’s glass in the waiter\’s hand. All the guests at the table are about 40 or 50 years old, with extraordinary demeanor and aura. \”Lao Feng, I heard that your son Quan Hai will take part in the college entrance examination this year!\” Li Benqing, director of J Municipal Public Security Bureau, said with a smile. \”Lao Feng, I also heard that your son has been doing quite well in his study all the time. How about this time? It is said that the college entrance examination results have come down\” another executive deputy director of the planning bureau also asked curiously.


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