So she began to get ready to finish her work and get up, but at this moment, she suddenly felt a sudden explosion that could not hear any sound. Jane Xi suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head and involuntarily screamed. She realized that she wanted to enter the sea, but she was knocked out. It seemed that something earth shaking had happened there, but Jane Xi had a headache, I didn\’t know anything until I passed out. At this time, it was noon. The second elder of the Jane family and Xinyan knew that Jane Xi was impacting the foundation period last night, so today, even if Jane Xi hadn\’t left the door, they didn\’t dare to disturb her, but they always paid attention to the movement in her room until they heard Jane Xi\’s scream in the room. They ran over together and gently pushed open her door, I saw Jane Xi lying on the balcony. The second old man of the Jane family and Xinyan carried Jane Xi to the bed, worried and helpless. The God of war was also on the side, anxiously turning into the bed. At this time, Jane Xi\’s knowledge of the sea had undergone earth shaking changes. The original Golden Lotus shaped nebula suddenly expanded rapidly, and soon occupied the whole sea space of Jianxi. The sea space also expanded passively with the expansion of the nebula. Due to the rapid expansion, Jianxi\’s head suffered a severe pain. This pain was unbearable. As a result, Jianxi fainted in only a second or two. When the nebula expanded to the maximum that the sea could bear, it seemed that the nebula could feel the bottom limit of the sea expansion, and suddenly contracted gradually. The contraction process was not too fast, but not too slow. It took only half a minute to shrink to 1% of the initial size, and then stopped. Only after a few seconds of rest, it began to expand again. After reaching the bearing limit of the sea, it contracted again. However, this time, the passive expansion range of the sea was larger, and the contraction was twice smaller than that at the first time. The nebula changes back and forth between rapid expansion and contraction. I don\’t know how many times, so that Jian Xi\’s sea awareness has been passively expanded to dozens of times, which makes Jian Xi wake up for a while, then faint, wake up again, faint again, and spit out two mouthfuls of blood. Seeing this, the second elder of Jane\’s family and Xinyan were frightened. They were all at a loss, but they were not ill and could not go to the hospital. They all didn\’t know what was wrong with them? Are you crazy? While the nebula expands and contracts back and forth, the already integrated Taiji like chaotic ball in the nebula also begins to rotate rapidly. The huge centrifugal force and inexplicable force cause the 27 drops of spiritual liquid in Jian Xi\’s Dantian to boil, rapidly mobilizing the meridians of his whole body to deliver spiritual Qi to Dantian, After a while, the rich spiritual power above the puddle once again condensed a drop of spiritual liquid and dropped on the puddle. At this time, the gray puddle condensed the pure gray energy into a thread invisible to the naked eye, and transported it to the sea of knowledge in the head along the specific meridians, while repairing the damaged sea of knowledge, While it was injected into the expanding and contracting nebula, the chaotic beads differentiated into tens of millions of finer energy filaments in the nebula and pulled them to their own bodies, absorbing as much as they have. After expanding and compressing for many times, the nebula finally stayed in the original one thousandth of an hour, so it was still in Jianxi\’s sea of knowledge, but those gray energy filaments did not stop entering it. It was still for about half a minute, and Jianxi had to wake up from his coma, But before she woke up, the nebula compressed into a tiny nebula, wrapped with the chaotic beads that had absorbed 20 drops of spiritual liquid, suddenly burst, and the whole Nebula compressed into a tiny sphere turned into a huge piece of gray unknown material in this violent burst energy, filling the whole sea of knowledge, The strange thing is that the plant bud growing in the green liquid in the pool in the original Nebula can grow the first tender leaf with the naked eye, and at the same time, it emits a glittering green light mask. It envelops itself with the green liquid in the pool and the things stored around it, and has not been affected by the explosion. But the cover of another jade box was popped open, and a mass of black things flew out and put into the burst. The gray material filled with haidang fell back one after another when it met the mass of black things, and most of the gray energy silk thread still continuously supplied by Dantian went into the thing Chapter 136 preliminary formation of space The black material that flies out of the green light cover solidified by plants is the \”Xi soil\” collected by Jane Xi. With the flying out of the polyp soil, the gray material of haidang is filled. After encountering the polyp soil, it retreats one after another, and most of the gray energy silk thread continuously supplied by Dantian is drilled into the polyp soil. After the injection of the gray energy silk thread, the polyp soil grows rapidly, from the size of the palm of the hand to the lid of the pot in just ten seconds, and is extremely thick, In this way, it grew to more than 100 square meters before it stopped growing due to the interruption of the gray energy silk thread. The burst around has subsided, and all the gray visible but untouchable substances in the sea have also stopped from tumbling. It turned out that the pool of green liquid in the sea nebula, as well as the plants in which a leaf had grown, and Jane Xi all the items placed in it fell on the soil, and the plant was more crisp and dripping, and it seemed that a small leaf bud appeared next to it. When the transformation of the sea was completed, all the injured places had been repaired by gray energy silk thread. In this way, Jane Xi\’s tossing body had calmed down. When the three people in the room saw that Jane Xi had finally stopped tossing, they were still holding their hearts and carefully waiting for her to wake up. They didn\’t understand why and had to wait in vain. Grandma Fang and Xinyan were already tearful and sobbing in a low voice. After being quiet for half a minute, Jane Xi coughed softly on the bed. After her chest fluctuated violently for a few times, she suddenly sat up, a mouthful of congestion gushed out, splashed on her hands and arms, and people woke up. I opened my eyes and looked at the three people at the head of the bed. I didn\’t know what was going on. I just tossed violently. Even when I was awake, I didn\’t take into account the people and environment around me. In addition, her consciousness was popped out of the sea. She didn\’t know what had happened. She just remembered that she had a headache. When she saw the three people around the bed, even the God of war grabbed the edge of the bed with his front claws and stared at Jane Xi. There were two tears in the corners of her eyes. Jane Xi knew in her heart that she had worried them. Grandma and mother looked at themselves with tears on their faces. Grandpa is also holding a boxer, with red eyes standing by the bed. She doesn\’t know why. She is a little guilty. \”Grandpa, grandma and mom, I\’m fine. I\’m all right now. Don\’t worry. I\’ve built a foundation, really.\” Jane Xi said with a little guilt and joy.


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