He escorted the two children to the temporary camp. Adults such as Wang Mingfu and mother Liu are supporting a temporary shelter made of plastic cloth by a big stone for shelter from the rain. Seeing that the rain is so heavy, I don\’t know when to stop. I\’m afraid the children will get gonorrhea and make such a shed. The two little drowned chickens stayed under the umbrella opened by Ruo Nan and Tian Hao for a while, and the shed over there was also set up. They surrounded two small spaces with blankets to let the two children change their wet clothes and dry their bodies. They were not modest either. It was really hard for wet clothes to stick to their bodies. They lifted their blankets. Jane Xi probably washed her hands, face and body with mineral water, dried them with a towel, took out a set of warm outdoor casual clothes and mountaineering shoes from the ring, changed them, put the wet clothes in plastic bags and put them in her backpack. Most of her things were in the ring, There are also some things in the backpack, but they are all commonly used food, drink and coats. Wiping her hair with a towel, Jane Xi took out the blanket and saw that Xinyu had packed up himself with the help of Cang Jun. her injured arm could not use force. She could only watch Cang Jun remove the thin blanket and sit aside to answer the chirping questions of Ruo men. Several adults were also curious about what happened to the two children just now. They also vaguely saw the fall of the big tree over there. They didn\’t know what happened to them at that time? In the eyes of more than a dozen people, Xinyu simply said that they took shelter under the tree. Lightning hit the tree, the tree fell, and Xinyu was scratched. Although it was simple and the details were vague, they were safe and sound, and we didn\’t go deep into it. As long as they were safe. Just when will the damn rain end? The sky is still overcast. There are stones under their platform. The platform is large enough and extends inward for about dozens of square meters, but the plastic cloth is so large that all twelve people are crowded here to shelter from the rain. It\’s a little inconvenient. Just now, when Jane Xi changed their clothes, several people were waiting outside with umbrellas. After more than an hour, the rain was a little light, but it was intermittent. It didn\’t look like it was going to stop. Moreover, it was close to dusk. In the middle, we just ate some bread on the road and dealt with it. In addition, we had a lot of physical exertion, so we were hungry at this time. The guide Chengzi looked at the sky and his watch. Some of me said naively: \”It seems that we can\’t go down the mountain today. Even if we go down the mountain now and don\’t wait to get there, it should be dark. It\’s very dangerous to walk on the mountain road after dark. I think this platform should be enough for our camping. Do you have all the tents for camping? If it\’s enough, I think we might as well set up a tent here? I want to ask your opinion 。” \”I agree,\” Ruo man shouted excitedly. \”I agree, great! I\’ve never been exposed to the camp.\” Wang Xinwei waved his small fist and cheered. \”Mother Tianhao, what do you think? Do you bring all your camping things?\” Grandpa Jane looked at the only woman in his parents. \”It\’s all there. At first I said I didn\’t have to take it, but Tianhao insisted on taking it. What if he wanted to camp? Sleep exposed! The child\’s heart is thinner than mine. Thanks to him, it\’s raining and slippery, and it\’s too dangerous to go down the mountain. I agreed to camp here.\” Tianhao\’s mother answered in a slow voice all the time. \”I agree. We have everything with us,\” Grandpa Qu replied. \”We also brought it, but master Li didn\’t bring a tent because he didn\’t bring much stuff,\” said Wang Mingfu. \”Yes, I\’m not prepared enough. I didn\’t expect to go up the mountain with me, and I didn\’t expect to sleep in the mountains. Otherwise, I\’ll spend the night under the plastic shed.\” Master Li replied reluctantly. \”Let\’s use one, I\’ll take it.\” Chengzi\’s voice sounded. \”Even if everyone agrees, let\’s start setting up tents. Don\’t tear down the plastic shed. We cook and eat here,\” Chengzi continued. So everyone moved and began to find a suitable place to set up a tent. Now it rains and can\’t avoid humidity, but now under such conditions, everyone has nothing to choose. Fortunately, there are moisture-proof mats in the tent.


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