If the Thunder Spear did not appear and turned on, Shanghai would not be at a loss, but it did appear, what does it mean? The Thunder God Emperor knew his identity, that is to say, the Thunder God Emperor also knew that he was the reincarnated body of Emperor Huntian, so he sealed it.So……The Thunder God Emperor knew, the Taishi God Emperor also knew, and the Emperor Huntian also knew his true origin, but why didn\’t they find all the origin? Instead, they arrange them one by one, as if to keep everything to themselves.Faintly, Shanghai felt a great pressure. It was a pressure from the depths of the soul. He seemed to understand something, and there were a lot of things that he hadn’t figured out, but it was certain that all three previous lives knew something. Things, but they couldn\’t tell them, but told themselves in this way.What did two god emperors and one emperor know?Shanghai is full of doubts.After thinking about it for a while, Shanghai gave up and continued, because it was useless to think again, but it should be fast. When you find the source of the Thunder God Emperor, and then find the source of the other four generations, you may be able to figure out everything.Shanghai slowly stretched out his hand toward the fairy bone, and at the moment it touched it, an inexplicable feeling came from the depths of the soul, as if long, long ago, this was a part of itself, yes, this is its own fairy bone, the only fairy source.A wave of fairy rhyme emerged from Shanghai and expanded rapidly. The cracked ancient palace was silently turned into fly ash…Chapter 1659 Three Clan LordsSecret Palace!It is the real core of the Emperor Huntian Palace.At this moment, there are many elderly people gathered in the secret palace. Some of these old people are already stubborn, some are old-fashioned, and they look like they are close to life. These people are all famous figures in the former Huntian Emperor Palace. .In addition to these old men, there are also the two deputy palace owners of the current Huntian Emperor Palace, as well as a group of high-level officials.There are two men and one woman sitting in the secret palace. These three people reveal the palpable majesty. These three people are the heads of the three major clans. Now the real masters of the Emperor Huntian Palace, all about the Emperor Huntian Palace All important matters are decided by three people.Headed by Lei\’s Lei Heng, his stature is extremely tall, and his body is filled with palpitating aura. I can see the power of heaven and earth, circling him back and forth, that is the reincarnation body of the god emperor recovering to more than 30%. The power of the rules of heaven and earth that will be controlled.The left and right sides are Feng Xuan of the Feng clan and Yun Xianluo of the Yun clan. Like Lei Heng, both are filled with the power of heaven and earth.The two deputy palace masters stood respectfully at the bottom, and the rest of the elders looked flattered. Although they are very high-ranking figures in the Emperor Huntian Palace, they are only limited to the outer palace. As for the secret palace, they are nothing at all.Not to mention the clan lords of the three clans, the old men alone are not something they can provoke. Those old men seem to be on the verge of entering the soil, but each one is extremely terrifying, and there are even several rumors that have already died. Fell.Did you bring the ancient body back? Lei Heng, the leader, asked in a deep voice.


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