Have you forgotten everything that happened before? Wu Tian stared at Shanghai, as if she wanted to see something in Shanghai\’s eyes, but apart from surprise and incomprehension, she couldn\’t see anything else, which made her face full of incomprehension. , \”Have you really forgotten? It happened ten thousand years ago?\”Wu Tian, ​​what are you talking about? Ten thousand years ago? Shanghai was even more confused. He didn\’t understand what happened.You\’re still alive… Wu Tian didn\’t answer, but instead looked at the purple fox who was aside, his beautiful eyes also showed a strange and surprising color.The purple fox Liu\’s eyebrows frown, and she is obviously quite puzzled. Although she saw Wu Tian for the first time, she had learned from Shanghai that Wu Tian was a rather sad strange woman. , Wu Tian not only became a big monster, but even spoke so strangely.It seems that you have forgotten everything from ten thousand years ago…Wu Tian sighed helplessly, \”Although I don\’t know why you are alive, why you are here, or what is controlling in the dark, but you have already returned, then everything should be soon It\’s over… You want to know what happened ten thousand years ago, just follow me.\”With a wave of his hand, a passage was immediately opened in front of him, and Wu Tian took the lead to step inside.Shanghai and Zihu looked at each other, nodded slightly, put away the Prison Splitting Monument, and followed Wutian. As for Gong Zidan, they were hesitant to follow suit. They were determined to follow suit. At that time, the passage was already closed.The passage is very long and dark. Wu Tian walked in front of him in silence. The Shanghai two followed closely behind. As they walked, the passage behind them was shrinking. Their hearts were full of curiosity and incomprehension, because Wu Tian’s words were weird. He and Zihu were imprisoned for thousands of years, but Wu Tian meant that he and Zihu had died 10,000 years ago, and they seemed to have seen them with their own eyes.At the end of the passage, there is a hall of demons.When Wu Tian came to the center of the hall, she stopped. She slowly turned her head, waved her sleeves at the void, and with a ding sound, a huge crystal appeared in the center of the hall of monsters.This is the record of monsters for more than 10,000 years. There is also the same record in the celestial sanctuary. It is about the events that have occurred in the past 10,000 years. Come in with me. Wu Tian finished, and took the lead. Into the crystal, the original solid crystal becomes as soft as a liquid.The two of Shanghai followed closely, and at the moment they stepped in, they were completely surrounded by crystals, and endless light appeared in their vision, as if time was going back. I don’t know how long it took, everything in front of them completely changed. Located in the deepest part of the sky, it is also the most boundary place.That\’s a place that the god emperor would not want to step into, because there are endless dangers in it. Although it is a border, this boundary is vast. Even if the god emperor spends his entire life, he can’t explore what’s inside, only knowing that once he crosses over In the past, it will perish.And in this marginal area, there is a huge star, which is hidden near the border, and within this star, there is a heart-palpitating breath of monsters, and I saw densely packed monsters trapped in this huge star. In the stars.All demons are automatically sealed, they have been accumulating strength, waiting for opportunities.endWhen the opportunity came, a big monster who had been unblocked for many years returned, and informed all the monsters that the spiritual power of the spirit domain and the god domain had fallen to the extreme. The four great emperors of the monsters were already recovering, and immediately all the monsters left. Out.The demon, who has waited for tens of thousands of years, is finally about to usher in a new life.Trillions of demons, led by many big demons, invaded the spiritual realm and the god realm. At this moment, the two realms are still in a chaotic stage. The four imperial palaces finally failed to open the fairyland, because the incursion of the demons caused the opening of the fairyland to be interrupted. .


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