Can you hear me? a gentle voice came.Guardian…Shanghai was stunned. It was extremely unexpected. It was the guardian of the Nuwa God and Demon Palace that sent the sound. This sound was not transmitted by secret methods or divine thoughts, but was conveyed by perception. This unique This is the first time Shanghai has encountered the way of sound transmission.Can\’t you hear it? Then forget it…No one can hear my voice anyway… Although the guardian\’s voice was still gentle, it was full of depression and helplessness, as well as endless loneliness.Can you hear me? Shanghai asked with perception, because he had never used perception to transmit sound, so he just gave it a try. For some reason, he felt the voice of the guardian of the Nuwa God and Demon Palace. Very pure, without the slightest distractions, just like a young girl, asking others questions about innocence.Can you hear me?The gentle voice was trembling with some unspeakable surprises, and the guardian stared at Shanghai with Zhan Lan\’s eyes.Yes! Shanghai nodded, and then asked curiously: \”Can other people not hear you?\”I can\’t hear… No one can understand me… You… are the first person who can understand me… The guardian\’s voice was full of depression and sadness.I don\’t understand… Shanghai was surprised, \”Then how can you be sure that I can understand you?\”Feeling! A feeling, so I just give it a try. The guardian replied.It feels… Shanghai was relieved.This kind of thing looks very mysterious, but it does exist. Sometimes, intuition is much more real than what you see right now. It\’s like beings foreseeing the danger to the next moment, and can do it before the danger comes. Good preparation for avoidance.Why can no one understand you? Shanghai asked curiously. The other party is the guardian of the Nuwa Palace, originally because he has practicedThe juvenile old monster, in the tone of speech, is like a little girl who has not been involved in the world, with some innocence.According to Shanghai\’s perception, the guardian of the Nuwa Palace was not pretending, but the temperament was indeed the case.Because I am not a god or beast, nor an ancient beast in the starry sky, but I have the abilities of both, so that my language has become the most unique Nuwa language, and no one can understand it, and I I can\’t learn other languages. Although I can understand other languages, including the words of the ancient gods and demons, I can\’t communicate with anyone… The guardian\’s voice was full of loneliness.Hear the words!Shanghai sighed slightly. It looks like this guardian is very beautiful, but he didn\’t expect it to be so sad. There is not even a person to talk to her in the huge Nuwa God and Demon Palace. No wonder the temperament is so pure and naive. If no one communicates, they will naturally close themselves. Although the age is increasing, the experience cannot match the age.What\’s your name? The guardian made his voice excited, and there was some nervousness, perhaps because of the first communication with the rest of the people.


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