Three siblings…Although Shanghai\’s vision is dim, the perception still exists. You can feel the three auras beside you at once. They are all at the pinnacle level of a high-ranking god. NS.Fortunately for Shanghai, these three have no malicious intentions.Hearing that he had no cultivation base, Shanghai quickly sank his mind into his body. When he noticed the situation in his body, his face changed slightly. Although his body was intact, the power in his body was affected by the transmitted force. The cultivation base cannot be released.In other words, now in Shanghai, apart from the physical strength, the strength of the cultivation base can\’t be used at all, even the power of the demon is the same.If you can\’t use your power…That would be quite troublesome. Shanghai inspected it in detail, and only then noticed that it was unable to use power because of the influence of the teleporting force, and this teleporting force will not always exist in the body, it will slowly dissipate. Similarly, his own strength will recover little by little.Shanghai cannot accurately estimate how long it will take. It can take a few days as short as possible, and as long as several years. This depends on the dissipating speed of the transmission force. If it is slower than estimated, it may take ten years. Above time.ten years……It’s not a good thing for Shanghai to be unable to use his power, and it’s not clear where he is now. Fortunately, he hasn’t encountered danger. That said, it\’s the greatest fortune.As for the physical condition, it\’s just that the power is temporarily banned, and it\’s not that it can\’t be recovered. Since this result has already occurred, there is no need to think about it anymore.What we need to do now is to find out where we are… and then figure out how to find Ningxue and the others… Shanghai Xin said.At this time!Shanghai felt that someone was approaching. It was the younger sister of the three brothers and sisters. Although the three of them didn’t have any bad intentions for the time being, it was difficult to guarantee whether they would attack themselves in the future. And vice imperial weapons, these things are shocking things, once exposed, it will inevitably cause endless trouble.If his strength is at its peak, Shanghai is not afraid, but now he can\’t use the slightest strength except for his physique.The vision gradually began to recover, and Shanghai finally saw that the person who came was a very delicate girl. She was indeed a beautiful woman in terms of her appearance, and the girl’s eyes were quite clear, but she did not have the slightest malice. Two men, the younger one looks about seventeen or eighteen years old, and the older one is estimated to be about 25 or six years old. Both of them are quite handsome, but the younger one is quite free, and the older one is quite handsome. Just for stability.He\’s awake! The young girl couldn\’t help but said with a slight joy when she met Shanghai.Finally woke up, I don\’t know what to call it?The young man swept over and scanned Shanghai up and down, \”My name is Di Luo Ye, this is my sister Di Luo Zi, and my elder brother Di Luo Xuan.\”My name is Shanghai!


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