His Royal Highness, where should I go now? Shanghai looked at the emperor Sheng Tianzhi who was aside. At this moment, she had already concealed her appearance with a secret method, except for her attractive figure, even if she was a goddess. Can\’t bear her face.A secret place.The emperor Shengtianzhi replied: \”That is the only entrance to the inner layer. Only by entering there can you step into the inner layer of the land of inheritance.\”Inner layer…Shanghai\’s eyes flashed slightly, without saying anything, but she was still wary of the emperor Sheng Tianzhi. As for her words, naturally she wouldn\’t believe it all.A group of four flew for a while, and the emperor Sheng Tianzhi landed on a bald mountain.arrive?No, it\’s still early, wait for a few fellow daoists to come.When the emperor Sheng Tianzhi said this, her beautiful eyes turned to Shanghai, \”Friend Lin, you seem to have a prejudice against Tianzhi.\”His Royal Highness has been worrying too much, how dare you be here.Friend Lin, if Tian Zhi really wants to be evil with you, it won’t be until now. In fact, fellow Daoists know that although Tian Zhi is not strong enough, even if you are a fellow Daoist, you are somewhat certain. Now you When I work together, we should abandon some prejudices and focus on the overall situation.” The emperor Sheng Tianzhi used voice transmission in this sentence, and her voice was extremely weak, as if she had been wronged, and she couldn\’t bear to hurt her heart.
Since your Royal Highness said so, dare you to ask, is that secret place really the only entrance to the inner layer?\” Shanghai asked.Yes, that is indeed the only entrance to the inner layer. Of course, there is one more thing. Tian Zhi had deliberately concealed Fellow Lin Daoist before. It was not that Tian Zhi was reluctant to say it before, but he was not very sure about it. , On the contrary, it will disappoint fellow Daoists. Now that there is the first emperor\’s seal in hand, it is a little more sure. The emperor Sheng Tianzhi said slowly, with a little guilt in her tone.For the rest of the people, when she heard the emperor Shengtianzhi say this, her heart was already softened. After all, with such a noble status as the emperor, and such a low-pitched explanation, it is extremely rare, and who has the heart to blame her The previous concealment.Shanghai was silent.In that secret place, there is a part of the inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu. The emperor Sheng Tianzhi said.what……Shanghai was shocked.A part of the inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu…This news is really shocking to anyone. Although everyone knows that the place where the ancient god Emperor Yu inherited, there must be an inheritance, but no one knows where the inheritance is. Therefore, everyone enters this place. You can only try your luck without a clue, and see if there is a big chance to gain the inheritance of the ancient god Yu.now!


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