Little guy, what is this Golden Winged Dapeng talking about? Shanghai patted the little beast on the head. This action caused the Golden Winged Dapeng\’s body to tremble slightly, and the golden eyes showed raging anger. , It seems that Shanghai this human race boy is about to be torn apart.The little beast glared at the Golden Wing Dapeng, who immediately buried his head, and it jumped directly to the ground, and then danced with his hands, his chubby belly stuck to the ground from time to time, and his mouth continued to make cooing sounds. It always talks with Shanghai in the same way.It\’s just that the appearance is too funny.Even the awe-inspiring Silence\’s cheeks twitched slightly. As for Lan Yi, he looked at the little beast with a smile.Seeing the gestures of the little beast, Shanghai\’s brows suddenly frowned, \”You mean, the Golden Winged Roc wants to eat Tyrannosaurus Rex?\”Cuckoo.The little beast shook his head quickly, then glanced at Shanghai, his eyes were saying, \”Why are you so stupid,\” he immediately waved his paw and continued to make gestures.Inheritance? The Golden Wing Roc will pass on to the Tyrannosaurus? Shanghai said in surprise.Goo! Little Beast nodded in satisfaction, and then gestured a few more times.Tyrannosaurus has to pay a price? What price?Kill… that huge worm? Is it the Shura Dragon?Goo!I understand. What you just talked about is that the Golden Winged Roc intends to pass on to the Tyrannosaurus, and then let the Tyrannosaurus avenge it and kill the Asura dragon, right? Shanghai asked.Goo! The little beast nodded.Then why did you just shake your head? Don\’t you look down on the inheritance of the Golden Winged Roc? Shanghai was a little surprised.Goo… The little beast was a little anxious, and hurriedly pulled Shanghai\’s trousers, his black eyes blinked slyly.Looking at the appearance of Xiaohuo, Shanghai already understood that the little beast was sitting on the ground and raising the price. He immediately flicked the little beast\’s head with his fingers. Then pursed his mouth in anger.Stop talking, just promise it. Shanghai frowned and said.Goo… The little beast was extremely reluctant, but still got up, jumped onto his shoulders, and shouted several times to the Golden Wing Roc.The Golden Winged Roc, who had only half a breath left, immediately raised his head, his eyes flashing with incomparable heat and anticipation. Then, under the orders of the little beast, the Tyrannosaurus ran under the Golden-winged Roc’s neck. In an instant, the Golden Wing Roc\’s wings burned all over, and the blood of the Primordial Fierce Beast flowing in his body turned into golden glows and penetrated into the Tyrannosaurus rex.


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