I think so, but the years of life and death experience made the Nantian boss decisively choose to withdraw his hand and quickly fly backwards, but the mist has already floated up, and the Nantian boss can’t avoid it at all and can only grit his teeth. Swinging his left arm, trying to smash it.At the moment he touched it, Old Monster Nantian\’s face suddenly changed, and he screamed inwardly, and it was too late to withdraw his left arm.The left arm stiffened and then completely turned into fly ash. The severe pain caused the old monster Nantian to grit his teeth. He hurriedly flew backwards crazy. Obviously he did not expect this mist to be so terrifying. He just touched it. The left arm was completely turned into fly ash.Shanghai……The old monster Nantian raised his head and screamed wildly, and lost his arm. It had a great impact on his strength, and he was just a little bit close. He lost more than one arm, and he might die on the spot. This mist It was terrible, he didn\’t even feel how it destroyed his left arm.At this time!A mysterious air that floated for a while, slowly fell down.At the moment when it was about to fall, a figure appeared, and quickly took away that ray of mystery, and it was Shanghai that took it away.Shanghai, Shanghai……The old Nantian was trembling all over, staring at Shanghai steadily, wishing to smash this corpse into pieces, but he was extremely afraid of the mysterious aura. If he couldn\’t kill Shanghai at once, he would be entangled by it and waved. If there is a ray of mystery…It\’s no wonder that Shanghai was so calm when faced with his killing blow.You can\’t kill, and you can\’t touch it. This makes Old Monster Nantian feel so bored that he wants to vomit blood, but he doesn\’t know what this mysterious qi is, an artifact? Unlike, some kind of weird creature? No, it is impossible to recognize what it is at all.Unrecognizable, the Nantian old monster became more and more jealous.Hiss…A sharp voice came from his ears, the old monster Nantian\’s face changed again, awful, how could I forget the pterodactyl snake king? Under this distraction, the pterodactyl snake king was killed. He has no time for more. Thinking about it, immediately waved the power of God to cover the whole body.Snapped……The void seemed to be swept across by a god whip, and a long trace was drawn. It was the long tail of the pterodactyl and snake king. Under its terrifying body, how terrible the power was thrown from this tail, and all The power is concentrated on the tip of the tail.Bang…The old Nantian monster was swept out on the spot, his throat stirred, and a mouthful of old blood spurted out on the spot. There were a few cracks in the solid body. It can be seen how terrifying the power swept by this tail of the pterodactyl snake king is so terrifying. With one shot, Boss Nan Tian\’s injury became more serious.Facing the chasing of the pterosaur and the snake king, the already badly injured Nantian old monster has no time to pay attention to Shanghai. He immediately held the holy spirit flag in both hands, dancing wildly, and a large number of ancient Yin spirits whizzed out from the flag, quickly Entangled the pterodactyl snake king.


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