Haotian Conference? Shanghai frowned.Well, the eight heavenly temples have already been set up to test the ranking of the strengths of the young generation of the heavenly temples. They are mainly aimed at cultivators below the high-ranking generals and under the age of ten thousand. Twenty to hundreds of places, our Heavenly God Temple has about 30 places, the top ten in the sky grabbing list occupy ten, and the rest will be selected later. Yan Luo said.What does this Haotian Conference have to do with the closure of the Elder Palace? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Of course it\’s related. The top ten powerhouses on the Tianqi ranking have all been sent to the palace of the elders. It is estimated that a closed penance will be held, and even the elders will personally come to give pointers… Yan Luo said here, his eyes full of Yearning.The elder personally pointed out, this is a supreme honor.There are only four elders in the Qiantian Temple. The identity and status of each of them, as well as their terrifying strength, are looked up by many powerful people. You must know that these elders are all gods, in the middle of the gods in the past. In the sky, but the person in charge of a great palace of gods.In the eyes of many powerhouses, the god king is already the most outstanding existence.As for the Haotian Conference, it is even more of a grand occasion. The top ten powerhouses of the Eight Heavens Temples, as well as many of the top young generation powerhouses, gather and fight against each other. Just thinking about it, people can’t help but think about it. There was a burst of enthusiasm.Of course, Yan Luo also knew that he and others would never have a chance in his life, even if he just took a look, he would not have this blessing.When can the Presbyterian Palace be opened? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.I don\’t know. I guess it can take one or two years in the short term, but it\’s hard to tell if it\’s long… Yan Luo said.As short as one or two years, as long as…If the palace of the elders has not been opened, wouldn\’t it be impossible to see the old dead?Shanghai\’s heart is slightly stagnant, and maybe Lao Wudie hasn\’t returned yet. When he was taken to the Temple of Dry Heaven before, Lao Wudie had already left. If he really returns and knows that he is sealed by the ancients, he will definitely come. Find your own.It seems that I can only rely on myself…Shanghai took a deep breath. After experiencing the battle against the wind, he felt that his body had slipped a lot. Obviously, he had moved to the root. This body, which was about to be completely aging, was not known for how long it could last. ,ten years? I\’m afraid it\’s been less than ten years.Judging by taking a few breaths for taking a few steps now, Shanghai estimates that it will only have one or two years at most, maybe even less.At this time!A figure swept over and fell in front of Shanghai and the others. It was the peak master Zong Wenbo of Dingtian Peak. Although it was not the first time I saw Zong Wenbo, Shanghai still took a closer look at Zong Wenbo, about the strength of the peak of the gods. , The face is generous, judging from the face, it is a loyal person.Peak Master! Everyone gave their hands.


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