call out……Sect Master Gu Tianya quickly fell down, his expression could not hide his excitement, and a group of gods and elders behind him quickly followed.At this moment, Shanghai\’s body was limp and weak, as if he had experienced a battle of ten days and ten nights. The divine powers in his body, including the power of the 12,000 demon ancestors in the Mark of the Five Elements, were all drained, and there was not even a drop left. He noticed that Gu Tianya and others had fallen, his eyes moved slightly.Little brother, don\’t be afraid, I\’m not malicious in waiting. Gu Tianya hurriedly smiled.The elders of the gods who followed immediately showed their smiles. Some of the elders who were stern and unsmiling for a long time also squeezed out their smiles hard, trying to show their kindness, but the smiles they squeezed out were more ugly than crying. , It\’s really hard for them.What\’s the name of the little brother?The head of a god elder said in a gentle voice, he had tried to lower his voice as much as possible, for fear of something wrong in his tone, which would cause unnecessary misunderstandings.In Shanghai, I met all the seniors. Shanghai arched his hands hard, and after a glance, it was natural to see that the costumes these people wore, it is not difficult to see their identities, they are all high-level figures of Ancient Xuanzong.Brother Lin, what you just used is the Nine Swords of Taishi? Gu Tianya couldn\’t help but said, his eyes full of expectation. Although he has seen it, the inheritance of Nine Swords of Taishi has been cut off for a few years, even if it is ancient. Tianya had only heard about it from the inheritance, but had never seen it in detail, so I didn\’t dare to make a judgment.The rest of the gods and elders cast their eyes on Shanghai, full of expectation, and even several of them could hardly conceal their inner tension.Yeah! Shanghai nodded.Hear the words!Many gods and elders including Gu Tianya were immediately excited, and some of their faces were flushed. If it weren\’t for the presence of the younger generation, they might have their heads raised and laughed wildly.The inheritance of Taishi Nine Swords has been cut off for thousands of years, but I didn\’t expect it to be continued today. For Ancient Xuanzong, it was a shocking and joyous event.After waving his hand, indicating that the gods and elders present were quiet, Gu Tianya asked softly: \”Brother Lin, can you demonstrate it again?\”I\’m exhausted and can\’t demonstrate anymore… Shanghai shook his head.Hearing this sentence, Gu Tianya and the others were quite sorry. They arrived a little late and missed the stunning scene of watching the Nine Swords of Taishi. This time they missed it. I don\’t know when they will have the opportunity to see it again.Immediately, Gu Tianya and the others looked at each other as if they were exchanging opinions. Soon the lord Gu Tianya nodded slightly with a group of gods and elders.Brother Lin, would you like to join us in Ancient Xuanzong? Gu Tianya quickly asked.Join Ancient Xuanzong?


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