It is a secret place to protect the sacred beasts. It has existed since ancient times. The inheritance of the guarding sacred beasts from all directions comes from this place. As the Taikoo defensive array was blasted through, the thunders of the gods disappeared.ten years……For a full ten years, the four great guardian holy sites have never quelled the flames of war. Almost every three or four days, there will be a battle. A large number of corpses are thrown out of the guardian holy places, and there are bones everywhere, including the strong and the desolate beasts. There are also some special!The guardian sacred place has been broken, all kinds of defenses and attacks, as well as enchantments, are scattered all over the guardian sacred place, a huge four-color protective cover, covering the entire guardian sacred place, this is the ancient enchantment, too The last barrier that the Guardian of the Holy Land sticks to, once this barrier is broken, the Guardian of the Holy Land will also completely lose its ability to defend.At this moment, in the ancient temple guarding the Holy Land.Three men and one woman sat cross-legged on the highest part of the ancient temple. These four temperaments were extraordinary, and the whole body was filled with a vast and terrifying aura, but there were a lot of wounds on their bodies.The man on the far left has black skin and a huge carapace on his back. This carapace is already full of cracks, and the ancient stone tablet on the carapace is also broken by a small amount. The second man is like a white crystal. The rest is injured. It was nothing, but there was a big wound on his left shoulder, and crystal-like blood flowed out of the wound and couldn\’t stop it.The third man was an old man. Most of his scales were broken and his head was sunken. As for the last woman, there was a pair of huge flame wings on her back, but one of them was at the moment. It\’s just hanging down, and the upper bone is broken in half.These four people are not others, they are the descendants of the guardian saint beasts of the Quartet, descendants of Xuanwu, Baihu, Qinglong and Nine Heaven Suzaku respectively.In addition to the four guardian holy beasts, there are more than 500 people below, old and young, and each of them has injuries. Without exception, everyone looks extremely solemn at this moment, and the atmosphere in the temple is also extremely heavy, because they are just now. Got a terrible news.This news almost extinguished everyone\’s hopes.Hundreds of small world powerhouses who have invaded have gathered together. Tens of thousands of powerhouses have gathered together to prepare for the final attack. This news is undoubtedly worse for all the creatures in the four guardian holy places, and even a great danger. .How many of us are there? A strong man at the bottom broke the silence.How many people… can display all their combat power, only 300,000, plus the old, weak, sick, and disabled, barely reach 400,000… Another strong man said, his voice was extremely low.Four hundred thousand…Hehe, it seems that this time is bound to die.Some strong men laughed at themselves, their expressions full of loneliness, while the other strong men did not say a word, their faces were extremely gloomy, and the atmosphere fell into embarrassment again.It’s no wonder that if anyone encounters such a situation, it’s not bad without a crash on the spot, four hundred thousand to ten million, and the former still has a large number of old, weak, sick and disabled, even if you don’t use your head, you can see it, the former Certainly defeated.Why? Acknowledged so soon? We can all resist for ten years, and at the last moment, admit counseling? A thick voice came, and only a white-haired old man stood up, even though it was already. In the twilight years, but this body is sturdy, his eyes are full of vigorous fighting spirit, and he is the only one in the court who can maintain this state.


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