The level of the world\’s reincarnation mood in Ming Yuyan district actually blocked his blow. Although most of the power was blocked by the book of the gods, there was still a small part of the power completely blocked by her. This is Shenhai\’s true astonishment. s reason.Feeling the power of reincarnation in Ming Yuyan\’s body, Shenhai\’s eyes opened and closed, and an ancient pattern appeared in his eyes. This was not an attacking and killing technique, but a special magical technique. In identifying the cultivator\’s aptitude, only those with high strength have an effect on those with low strength.In an instant!Shenhai felt the extremely powerful meaning of reincarnation from Ming Yuyan. In this meaning of reincarnation, there is a misty and moving figure. This figure is only quietly located in the vast sky, but it gives He has a simple and broad sense.horrible……Shenhai just glanced at it, and Zhihai was already trembling violently, making him afraid to watch any more, and quickly withdrew his magical skills.The body of reincarnation…Shenhai\’s eyes were filled with astonishment, and he said in a deep voice: \”No wonder you can block my blow. It turns out that you actually have a very rare body of reincarnation…\”The body of reincarnation?The shaken Yilan and others were resisting the invading force. When they heard this, they couldn\’t help being shocked, especially Yilan\’s pretty face.It\’s no wonder that Ming Yuyan has such a rare physique as she understands the mood of reincarnation so quickly. Yilan has heard about the legend of the body of reincarnation.The creatures in the three thousand worlds are all born after reincarnation. Almost all the creatures, the soul imprints of previous lives have long since disappeared.Only some special people are exceptions. They are terrifying creatures whose strength in previous lives is unimaginable. These people may be kings, or great sages and emperors. Their strength is so strong that the laws are too strong. Can\’t completely wipe out their soul brand.certainly!There is only a trace of the soul imprint left. No matter how strong the previous life is, it will no longer be able to regain the ability of the previous life. However, after these powerful creatures are reincarnated, they will still have some preferential treatment, that is, they are born with the body of reincarnation.The owner of the reincarnation body has an advantage over everyone in the perception of the reincarnation mood. If he continues to grow, his future achievements will be unimaginable. Even if he cannot reach the tyranny of the previous life, it will not be too far behind.Unfortunately, you are his woman…Shenhai\’s eyes revealed a strong murderous intent, and the divine might rushed out, and the golden curved blade shook open the Book of Underworld, and slashed down in the air.Miss Ming… Yi Lan and the others were shocked, but they couldn\’t move anymore.Facing this blow, Ming Yuyan\’s expression remained as before, her beautiful eyes took a deep look at Gushan, her eyes revealing an inexplicable nostalgia.


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