However, these are not important anymore, even if she can\’t exude the pure power of reincarnation, it doesn\’t matter, as long as she can live happily, it is enough.certainly!The key to Mu Ningxue\’s ability to break through the reincarnation artistic conception of the First World Zun is that Shanghai has spent almost all the treasures obtained in the reincarnation artistic conception. These are all exchanged for the strong body and speed wild patterns from the rest of the strong.Shanghai itself is useless, because he has reached the level of the four worlds reincarnation artistic conception, and ordinary reincarnation treasures have little effect on him. As for the top-level reincarnation artistic conception treasures, most of the other powerhouses use them for their own use. It will not be easily replaced.As for Ming Yuyan, she has been in retreat for this period of time. She hasn\’t shrugged off the treasures of reincarnation that Shanghai has given, but she hasn\’t spoken from beginning to end, and the eyes looking at him are somewhat obedient, seeming to be a little inexplicable. The grievances.Shanghai didn\’t pay too much attention to it, but focused on studying the remaining wild patterns.In this year, in addition to controlling the strong body and supernatural speed wild patterns, Shanghai has also learned a hundred basic wild patterns. These speeds are simply incredible. If the quasi god emperor knew about it, he would definitely be quite surprised. So what he can learn so quickly is that the soul and the sea of ​​consciousness have undergone the fifth metamorphosis.After experiencing the fifth death, the soul has almost undergone earth-shaking changes, and there is already a little inexplicable charm in it.With the fifth change, Shanghai’s minds not only skyrocketed a hundredfold, but in terms of refining barren patterns, both in refining speed and control, they are no different from the past. If they were only ordinary practitioners in the past, So now he is simply a genius at the evildoer level.With the current level of soul and mind, it would have taken Shanghai thousands of years to refine the basic barren patterns, but now it is estimated that it can be completed in at most ten years.Three days passed in the blink of an eye.Ming Yuyan has also left the customs. Due to the many days of retreat and the assistance of many reincarnation treasures, her reincarnation mood has improved, so that the whole person has become more vivid and moving. At the moment of leaving the customs, even the holy Mu and others couldn\’t help being sluggish for a moment.The blood table of the gods is open, We should also leave. \”Shanghai looked into the void and saw a huge crack in the sky. It was a precursor to the opening of the blood platform of the gods. There will surely be a large number of powerful people pouring into this place, looking for various opportunities, but this has nothing to do with him. .As the cracks expand, many strong players are ready.呲…A huge light gate emerged.A large number of strong men swept towards Guangmen.Brother Lin! Tai Xun shouted.


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