This is only a servant, and from a servant to a guard, the difficulty has almost skyrocketed by more than ten times. Except for the talented generation, very few people can pass.Therefore, for this assessment, the guards of God\’s Domain just took the attitude of watching the excitement, and were not too concerned.At this time!More than 30 men and women walked out from the other side above the city lord’s mansion and stood on another terrace. Some of these people have a single horn on their heads, some have red eyes, and some have a pair of unique metal irons on their backs. Wing, these people have marks on their arms, but these marks are uneven, there are attendants, and there are guards. These people are powerful people from a million small world.Suddenly, the two terraces looked at each other.The guards of God\’s Domain and the guards of the Million Small World stared at each other, some with playful faces and some with solemn expressions. When their eyes crossed, they burst out with sparks, which contained particularly complex grievances. Of course, more were An unyielding fighting spirit between the strong and the strong.What are these guys doing? asked the handsome man with a red mark on his forehead.What else can be done is to see if Million Little World has become a servant this time. If so, they can have more helpers, otherwise they will always suffer from us repeatedly, which is too boring. A enchanting man The woman said with a sweet smile.More helpers? What\’s the use of the attendants? Any one of us can knock down a large area, and more is of no use. The tall man showed disdain.At least there are more people. The enchanting woman smiled!On the other side of the terrace, headed by a woman with iron wings, a pair of iron wings are erected at the rear, the wings glow with a unique and colorful luster. In terms of her appearance, this woman is also a stunning woman. The only difference is that she is all over her body. There was a huge fighting spirit, condensed but not scattered, with a kind of feminine taste.This iron-winged woman is one of the top powerhouses in the millions of small worlds that are near the city, and the recognized leader of the attendants and guards behind her, named Yilan.Sister Lan, the guys from God\’s Domain have been staring at us. A thin man beside him said with an unhappy face.No matter what they do, as long as they don\’t provoke us, we don\’t need to bother them.Sister Lan is right, regardless of them. This time, there are a lot of strong people in the millions of small worlds who came to assess the attendants. Maybe there will be a few attendants. Another tall man with a unicorn smiled cheerfully. Said: \”At that time we will have a few more brothers and sisters.\”The others nodded one after another, and their expressions revealed a touch of joy.Although these people are among the top existences of their peers in the small world, after coming to the battlefield of the gods and contacting the powerhouses of the other small worlds and the gods, their original narrow vision began to relax. Knowing one\’s strength, in the real big world, can only be regarded as a member of the masses of beings.Of course, the strength of these people is very good among countless young generations of powerhouses, otherwise they would not be able to become attendants and guards.Strange? The place where the powerhouses of the millions of small worlds come from seems to be a little different… Yi Lan frowned slightly.


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